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Road Closures:

Please note the following road closures.

Banff Winterstart Race Details:

Where We Are Going:

The race starts out from the front of the Rundlestone Lodge, 537 Banff Avenue, running an out and back course along Banff Avenue and Tunnel Mountain Road. The Winterstart 5 Miler Night Run race starts at 7:00pm on Saturday November 4th, 2023. Participants enjoy refreshments, awards and draw prizes in the Lodge parkade following the race. You must be present to win the draw prizes.

Road Rules:

Racers must stay on the south portion of the road. While the Legacy Pathway is inviting, we do not have permission to use it for this race. Remember THE ROAD IS STILL OPEN TO TRAFFIC and some are traveling at highway speeds. Do not cut the corners and run on any other part of the road.


Various reflective and flashing traffic control equipment is set up the entire length of the course. Along Banff Avenue, it is important to stay to the RIGHT of the equipment and lights on the way OUT and to the LEFT of the traffic control equipment and lights on the RETURN. The problem with flashing signs is that they flash on and off. Timing is everything. Watch out for the dark times in between flashes. Those dark signs can hurt. Head lamps are highly recommended.

Timing Devices:

We are using the single use ChronoTrack B-Tag™ as a timing device for this race.

Please ensure the following in order to receive an accurate time.

  • Race Bib is clearly visible on the FRONT of the torso.
  • Race Bib is unaltered and unmodified (Do not fold or wrinkle the bib).
  • Race Bib is pinned in all four corners.
  • Race Bib is not covered (Jackets, costumes, runner belts, water bottles, etc).
  • You MUST cross the mats at the start and finish lines. No Bib = No Time. Only athletes wearing a B-Tag will be timed.
  • B-Tag is already attached to your race bib.

Pickup Your Race Kit:

Please try and pick up your race kit during package pick-up at the Tech Shop Calgary (North store) on Thursday November 2nd, 2023 12:00 PM - 6:00 PM or on Friday November 3rd, 2023 12:00 PM - 6:00 PM also at Tech Shop Calgary North 3855 19th Street NW. *note new time*

You can also get you race-kit at the Rundlestone Lodge on Saturday November 4th, 2023 from 2:00 PM - 6:30 PM. To avoid lineups please try and pick up your race package during package pick-up at The Tech Shop. You may not receive the T-shirt size you requested if you wait to pick up in Banff on race day.

Get Your Glow On:

This is a Night Run and there are no street lights once outside the Banff town site. We encourage you to be as visible as possible but we will not be handing out glow sticks this year to help lessen our impact on the environment. Head lamps are recommended. Over the years we’ve seen some outstanding fashion statements of reflective, florescent attire including body wraps using battery operated Christmas lights. You’ve seen the photos on the web site – who can top it this year?

Marshall, Marshall:

The course Marshall's (Wearing red reflective vests and carrying flash lights) along the course will have radio contact to other Marshall's along the route. Should you have a problem or a medical issue and need assistance, contact the closest course Marshall. Trained medical staff is at points along the course and at the finish line. The RCMP and EMS are aware and may also be on the race route depending on their call load. RCMP, EMS and Hospital Officials have been notified of the race, but sincerely hope their assistance is not needed.

And The Winner Is:

First, second and third place “overall winners” both mens and womens receive an award.

First, second and third place “age category” winners both mens and womens receive an award.

There also will be draw prizes.

All prizes and awards will be handed out after the race in the parkade of the Rundlestone Lodge at the award ceremony.

Our National Park:

The National Parks were created for our enjoyment and the protection of the environment and wildlife. We have been granted a permit to run this event as long as we follow the rules set out in the conditions of the permit. We must not interfere with other’s enjoyment of the park and minimize our intrusion on the local wildlife. Remember ALL participants are required to have a park pass. Go to for more information.

The Town of Banff:

We all must be on good behavior and adhere to the Town of Banff bylaws. For example no liquor is to be consumed in places outside of the designated licensed premises. Any violations will not be tolerated.

This event takes place in Banff National Park, the heart of the Rocky Mountain Parks World Heritage Site. Please use this LINK to the Parks Canada website for information about Banff National Park attractions, activities, services, wildlife and safety. Banff National Park has much more to offer than ‘just’ fresh air and world-class scenery – we hope you will enjoy the park’s cultural treasures and discover its natural wonders too.

Wildlife Safety:

Remember, wildlife are extremely sensitive to the stress of human activity. As per Parks Canada request there will be no dogs allowed at the race. Please go to

Keep the wild in wildlife.

Town of Banff Parking:

The Town of Banff has on street parking and off street lots with 1 hour, 2 hour, 3 hour, and 8 hour time limits. Use the mobile-friendly website to help you find available parking spaces in the Town of Banff - in real time.

Race Starts at 7:00pm on the main road in front of the Rundlestone Lodge Saturday November 4th, 2023. *New Location